ProMax HVLS Fans

For distributing high volume of air in large spaces, creating a gentle air movement. The fan enables a perceived temperature to be cooler by 4o to 6o C. due to wind chill effect. Replaces multiple wall mounted fans and reduces the operating costs upto 80% when compared with traditional fans.

  1. Maximum Coverage Area
  2. Higher Energy Efficiency
  3. Variable speed and airflow control

Evaporative Air Coolers

For ventilation and ensuring air changes in Industrial shop floors, Assembly Lines, warehouses, community halls, shopping malls, Auditoriums etc. It reduces air conditioning load, with air flow from the fans creating comfortable cooling, upto 20oC with high air flow.

  1. Powerfull Performance and excellent cooling
  2. Energy savings upto 80%
  3. Built for harsh environment

JCB Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are used for ventilation & ensuring Air Changes as per Statutory requirements in Shop Floors, Warehouses, Assembly Lines, Garment Factories, Food Processing Centers, Poultry Farms, where large volumes of air needs to be exhausted using minimum power consumption. it can be used in ventilation of non-flammable, low corrosive gases with temp less than 50o C. With louvers it is designed to prevent duct ingress when fan is switched off. With direct drive fan without belt it’s maintenance free operation and durable.

Their large air flow, low noise and are energy saving, due to the small capacity PMSM motor running at low RPM yet displacing large volume of air. Ideal replacement for Roof Ventilators/ Turbo Ventilators.

  1. Designed for Industry 4.0 compatibility
  2. Built for large spaces
  3. Works silently and efficiently